7 Foods That Are Harmful For Your Skin

Avoid junk food, simple carbohydrates, and trans fats for glowing skin. The following list includes 7 foods that are harmful to your skin and general health.


If you suffer acne, then one of the main reasons why this is happening to you is simply because your diet is full of processed sugar. Even if you are no longer a teenager, you can have pimples. The good news is that this issue can be solved. Clean your cupboard and get rid of candies. Replace this unhealthy snack with dried fruit, nuts and vegetables. Not only will you get rid of breakouts if you quit consuming candies, you will also help your skin look younger – as we have mentioned above, sugar degrades elastin and collagen.

Rice Cakes

cakes were once considered to be some of the healthiest snacks. Now we know the truth – they increase your blood sugar which, in turn, ends up with even more wrinkles and lines in your face. The refined carbs in the cakes are converted to glucose. Later on, when they have been transformed, they stick to proteins and won’t let collagen fight skin aging. As you can see, rice cakes are far from being healthy no matter what TV commercials promise you.

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