Best Bang Bang Chicken Skewers Recipe: Grill to Perfection

Bang Bang Chicken Skewers garnished with fresh herbs and spring onions on a serving platter.

ire up your grills and ready your taste buds for a journey into the world of spice and zest with our Best Bang Bang Chicken Skewers Recipe. These skewers are more than just a meal; they’re a vibrant dance of flavors and textures that are bound to become the highlight of your backyard barbecues and dinner parties alike.

What Sets Our Bang Bang Chicken Skewers Apart

Our Bang Bang Chicken Skewers stand out with their juicy chunks of chicken, bell peppers, and onions, all marinated in a blend of bold and aromatic seasonings. The marinade, with its unique combination of garlic, herbs, and a touch of sweetness, sets the stage for the signature Bang Bang sauce—a creamy, spicy, and slightly sweet concoction that will have everyone asking for your secret.

The Bang Bang Sauce: A Flavor Explosion

The Bang Bang Sauce is the centerpiece that takes the chicken skewers from delicious to extraordinary. It’s an audacious concoction that seamlessly marries the creamy richness of mayonnaise with the sweet allure of chili sauce, accented by the subtle warmth of Sriracha and the mellow sweetness of honey. This sauce isn’t just a complement to the chicken; it’s the life of the party, infusing each bite with a flavor so dynamic, it practically sings on the plate.

The Craft of the Sauce

Creating the perfect Bang Bang Sauce is akin to a culinary ballet, where each ingredient performs in perfect harmony. The mayonnaise provides a velvety base that carries the other flavors, ensuring the sauce’s texture is luxuriously smooth. The sweet chili sauce offers a sticky sweetness that clings to the chicken, imparting a delightful contrast to the heat. Sriracha, the fiery component, is used judiciously to introduce a slow-building warmth that awakens the palate without overwhelming it. And the honey? It’s the secret whisper in the mix, rounding out the sharp edges and adding depth to the sauce’s profile.

Balancing Act

The key to the Bang Bang Sauce’s allure is balance. The ingredients must be whisked together until the color turns uniform, signaling that the sweet, the savory, and the spicy elements are indistinguishably blended. Taste as you go, adjusting the honey or Sriracha to dial the flavor up or down, catering to your personal preference or the preferences of your guests.

Versatility in Use

This sauce’s versatility knows no bounds. It serves as a stunning glaze when brushed over the hot skewers, locking in moisture and adding a glistening sheen. When served on the side, it becomes a dip that invites double-dipping. It’s robust enough to stand up to the char of the grill yet doesn’t overpower the chicken’s marinade-infused flavors.

Make It Ahead

For those who love to plan, the Bang Bang Sauce can be prepared ahead of time. It allows the flavors to meld together, becoming more profound and complex. Simply refrigerate it in a covered container, and when it’s time to serve, give it a good stir to awaken its vibrant character.

Serving and Presentation: Impress Your Guests

Once off the grill, let the skewers rest for a moment. Then, brush them with your homemade Bang Bang sauce, garnishing with parsley and scallions for a pop of color and freshness. Serve them on a platter that showcases their golden-brown edges and glistening sauce.


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Bang Bang Chicken Skewers garnished with fresh herbs and spring onions on a serving platter.

Best Bang Bang Chicken Skewers Recipe: Grill to Perfection


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You’ll need the following for the marinade and skewers:

  • Boneless, skinless chicken thighs, robust and ready to absorb the flavors
  • Fresh bell peppers and onions, adding a crisp contrast
  • A bevy of seasonings including garlic and herb mix, paprika, and brown sugar
  • The creamy tang of mayo, balanced with sweet chili sauce and a hit of Sriracha
  • Olive oil to bring it all together, with salt to taste

For the unapologetically bold Bang Bang sauce:

  • Creamy mayo as the base
  • More sweet chili sauce for that sticky sweetness
  • A drizzle of honey for a mellow undertone
  • A dash of Sriracha for that fiery kick


  1. Marinating Magic: Combine all the marinade ingredients with the chicken, bell peppers, and onions. You can either let this flavor fusion work its magic in the fridge or get straight to skewering.
  2. Grill to Perfection: Whether you’re using an outdoor grill for that smoky char or an indoor one for convenience, cook your skewers evenly on each side, letting the heat coax out every nuance of flavor.
  3. Sauce Alchemy: While the skewers sizzle, whisk together the sauce ingredients until smooth, adjusting the sweetness and heat to your liking.


  • Keep the grill at a consistent medium-high heat.
  • Oil the grates to prevent sticking.
  • Turn the skewers regularly for even cooking.
  • Use a meat thermometer to ensure a safe internal temperature without overcooking.

With this Best Bang Bang Chicken Skewers Recipe, you’re not just serving a dish; you’re creating an experience. These skewers, with their perfect blend of heat, sweetness, and savory notes, are sure to be the talk of your next gathering. So, grab your skewers, fire up the grill, and get ready to enjoy a taste sensation that will keep everyone coming back for more.

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